Monday, May 23, 2011

Busy Weekend

On the weekends there are no classes, so then why in the world did I have long working days this past weekend, arriving at school at 8 am and going home by 7 pm?  Thursday is the new Tree House's Grand Opening.  

On Saturday morning, we had a two hour meeting with the managers to plan the activities for the opening and to plan the Saturday worker training.  The Tree House has improved some of its rules and policies which the new workers had to learn.  Then in the afternoon we had a 2 hour worker meeting where students were divided into several groups:  decorate ad board groups, advertise the Tree House in front of the cafeteria groups,  Tai Ji performance group, singing group, clean up the Tree House group, plan the games for the opening ceremony group, and decorate the blackboard group.  Then we had an hour training about worker responsibilities, how to greet new visitors, how to use the computer to check out materials, and Tree House rules like no food on the sofa.  The meeting did not end there because the workers decided to stay and work on their advertising boards.  These boards are HUGE!  They put on the first coat of paint.

On Sunday, at 8 am the workers were back and spent ALL day writing, drawing, painting, and pasting pictures onto three HUGE bulletin boards that will be placed around campus to advertise the new Tree House.  Then at 6 pm there was singing practice.

This week is going to be busy because not only have classes resumed but every day we have to advertise the Tree House in front of the cafeteria, as well as practice singing and Tai Ji and Kung fu and plan the games for the opening ceremony.  

Friday and Saturday will hopefully be days of rest before it all starts again on Sunday, Women's Club and Yearbook Committee.

Thank goodness a 3 day weekend is coming soon for Dragon Boat Festival.

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