Thursday, May 19, 2011

Joking Culture

As I continue investigating the fat jokes that my female students tend to make with their closest friends, I am seeing a trend that most students don't think this is rude where these types of jokes in the students' minds are actually an indication that they are really intimate friends.  I have come to the realization that the topic I should be investigating is the differences between the joking cultures of China and America; however, I have been away from America for too many years and have forgotten what do people in America joke about with their friends?  I do know that my friends never made jokes about my weight, about my clothes, about my ethnicity.
Could you help me out and remind me what do Americans joke about with their closest friends?
Americans make jokes about sport teams.  They make politically incorrect jokes.  What else?

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Anonymous said...

We make jokes about people. About cultural differences. We find it funny when rappers satire old white politicians. We make animals talk in funny voices. We enjoy cute things and satirical things. But this won't help. You will still be confused asfuck when you return. :)