Monday, May 09, 2011

Today's Tidbits

Last week, I was a bit apprehensive and tired with the new commute and long days, but now I like commuting to the new campus by bike.  The new campus is cool.  Why? 
1.  The cafeteria has a great selection of food that is new and not boring.  Today I had candied potatoes.  Yummy! 
2.  The Tree House is awesome!  With the new furniture I have great desks to do work on.  I have bookshelves full of books to read.  Today I read the Peace Corps culture book and realized that even after 5 years abroad I still have a lot to learn about the inner workings of different cultures.  The new couch with pillows is extremely comfortable and it is just a pleasant atmosphere when there is good music playing from the donated speakers.
Today it was raining so I rode to campus under a poncho holding an umbrella.  That was fun.  I've never ridden a bike holding an umbrella before.  The big puddles that don't drain though are a pain because cars splash water all over drenching me.  I was totally culturally inappropriate today wearing plastic house slippers all over campus as well as to teach in.  My shoes and socks were soaked.  I figured it was better to buy some cheap plastic shoes to keep my feet dry.  I got laughed at though so maybe it wasn't a wise choice.  I think I lost a few notches of respect by non-majors.
I even don't mind leaving at 9 am and getting home at 8 pm.  It is funny how easy it is to adapt to new daily habits.   

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M said...

the image of you teaching in plastic slippers and making big gestures in front of the class makes me smile :)