Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Would you eat hee haw?

A new restaurant has opened next to the front gate.  It is a clean place serving meat sandwiches, soups, steamed stuffed bread and plates of thinly sliced red meat.  Covering the walls are large signs giving the history of the food along with pictures of herds of donkeys.  

The place was packed and I sat down with a couple who were enjoying their meal and ordered what they ordered, a soup and baozi, stuffed steam bread.  I choose the cheapest meat baozi coz the donkey stuffed one was too expensive.  I have no idea what kind of meat was in that bread.  It wasn't one of the main meat groups fish, beef, chicken, or pork, nor was it donkey.  

I lost my appetite after drinking half the soup.  The soup was really strong.  Strong soup means strong parts of an animal.  This soup was definitely made up of donkey ear cartilage, stomach lining, and when I pulled out dark gray skin covered with black bristles, I stopped slurping the soup and gently put my spoon down.

Donkey meat sandwiches are delicious and I will try theirs next time.  This time though I just ordered some of their delicious bread, went home, and covered it with strawberry jam for dessert.


M said...

Beurkkkkkk . Was that an ear? a donkey ear?

universalibrarian said...

Good bread is definitely a joy. Hairy skin is pretty tough though. I remember having a hard time with a little hairy rabbit leg when I was visiting G in Burkina. Any news on the staying for longer? have a good day.