Saturday, May 07, 2011

Differences in Painting in China versus the USA

  • Brushes are cheap.  The shops say, "Throw away the brushes."  We don't have cleaning supplies to clean the paint off the brushes nor special soap to get the paint off your hands.
  •  The paint shops had no shallow flat pans for the rollers.  They suggested just dunk the rollers into the buckets coz the buckets are big enough.  Imagine that!  Dunking rollers into paint and then dripping it along the floor to the place you want to paint.  MESS!!!!
  • We can't find a tall ladder for you.  Here is a step stool or pile up classroom desks to paint.  Pile up desks?  Oh my gosh!  The compromise I could find was to use the step stool to climb up on a metal bookshelf to paint the walls near the ceiling.
  • Paint over the cracked and moldy old paint. 

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