Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Are you still knitting?

Yes I am; however, since my camera needs to be repaired, I have been unable to post pictures.

By the way if you have two digital cameras because you recently bought an upgrade, interested in donating me your extra camera? My cousin from Colorado is coming to visit in May so you can send the extra camera to him. He will bring it to me.

What have I made this semester?

With yarn bought over the winter break in Western Sichuan, I have knitted 3 bulky raglan caplet like short sleeve sweaters and several fingerless gloves.

Then with leftover yarn from various projects, I knitted a kitty and a bunny plus a short sleeve sweater T-shirt which took 2 months because I have taken up the Chinese method of knitting where they use US size 2 needles.

I need a new project.

Should I learn how to do cables?
I don't know.
Don't think my heart is there yet.

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