Monday, April 26, 2010


So yep, I am officially fat according to the Chinese tailor.

With my beautiful expensive fabric bought from Yunnan, I asked a tailor to copy an African skirt.

I got my new skirt today.

The tailor did not copy the African skirt with its wide waist band of 36 inches that fits perfectly at my hips. Instead the new skirt has a narrow waist of 28 inches that I cannot even button close.

Incredible waste of money!

What was the tailor thinking?

Then to add to the insult, the tailor changed the waist band on the African skirt from a skirt with a zipper to a skirt with elastic.

Now my favorite skirt if I were to find a new tailor cannot be copied the way I like it.

Who wants to wear a skirt with an elastic band?


alison said...

You really paid for it after you saw it?! I would have told her to keep the fabric as a consolation prize for doing a terrible job, and walked away! Okay, maybe I wouldn't have, but I'm sorry this happened. My guess is that she can fix ripped jeans but couldn't make a full garment (to spec) without screwing it up. Sorry!

Dr. Jen said...

Yeah I had already paid a deposit, but they wouldn't accept the rest of the money after they had messed up the skirt.

I am thinking I might have failed at communicating what I wanted. Sometimes my Chinese works and other times it doesn't.

I am thinking maybe I will ask a student to go with me and see if we can fix the mess done to both skirts.

Lisa R-R said...

I feel they should return your deposit, and repair the original skirt, but that may be difficult to work out.
Good luck ...
big sigh