Monday, April 19, 2010

Designing Projects

Two weekends ago, four of us, two PCVs, one student, and one teacher went to Chengdu for a Peace Corps workshop called Project Design and Management Workshop. We filled flip chart paper with ideas, visions, resources, plan of action, and budgets.

Our vision is to have a library that doubles as an English community learning center that meets the needs and wants of a large number of students and teachers. Right now we get an average of 11 visitors per night and want to increase that number. We planned a project where our Tree House volunteer workers would design their own project, creating an activity that might motivate other students to visit.

Tonight, our Monday night Tree House volunteer workers started designing their first project. Their vision is for Mondays to be Food Night. They want to host a cooking show and have a manners dinner party.

I wonder what Tuesday night will be.

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M said...

Food Night is a brilliant idea. Way to go!