Sunday, April 04, 2010

Pooped and My Feet Hurt

This morning, I biked to new campus to meet teachers to go on a bike ride. Because not everyone had a bike, the bike ride turned into a 7 hour hike. Under the blaring sun, we hiked flat land to the edge of the plateau and then plunged down the valley careful not to slide with the loose dirt of dry dry Gansu. The hillsides were covered with white blossoming trees and the river in the valley was nearly empty more like a fast running creek which had to be jumped over in a leap of faith praying that you would make it.

The hike made us all dehydrated and totally exhausted. After such a long day, guess what the six of us cooked for dinner. Pork and vegetable dumplings. We rolled out the dough, hand stuffed each one, and then boiled them. This is not a fast meal for hungry tired people but that is what we prepared.

Then I biked home.

I'm waiting for my water heater which takes two hours to heat the water. I want to shower off the dust!

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