Monday, April 05, 2010

Cafeteria Food

My gas tank is empty, and won't be refilled for a couple of days.

Tired of ramen, I am eating out.

For lunch I had African hot pot. African hot pot in China? Didn't even know Africa had hot pot. No, but Africa does have sauce d'arachide. This new hot pot chain serves a communal pot full of skewers with tofu noodles, beef, little sausages, melon, green vegetables, and so much more. What makes it African is the broth. It is a peanut sauce just like the ones served over rice in Guinea and Burkina Faso. It is good!

For dinner I checked out the four different cafeterias on campus, only a minute walk from my flat. Each one has a counter were you can choose from the pre-made food or order from a menu where chefs in the back kitchen prepare Chinese dishes over tall flames. Tonight I choose pre-made food. Noodles were boiled then mixed with oil, garlic, salt, eggs, tomatoes, cucumbers, cilantro, and pickled cabbage. Because the vegetable noodle ratio is very small, I also pointed towards 8 big bowls picking and choosing different tofu, cabbage, snow pea, green vegetable dishes that were slopped into a single bowl. I also picked out several bread thingys for breakfast tomorrow: a fried egg bread, a huge muffin, three small dumpling fried breads stuffed with meat, and a sesame ball made of pounded rice and stuffed with red bean paste.

Total cost? $2

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