Friday, August 06, 2010

House I Might Buy

Recently a tenant stopped paying rent and eventually after $2,000 of debt told my parents that he would move because he couldn't pay anymore. We spent the morning cleaning out the house. I filled five garbage bags and the pregnant girlfriend of dad's worker filled the back of dad's truck with kitchenware and furniture. There is still a ton of furniture and boxes of books left. Things that my mom felt were valuable and usable entered our house like shampoo, body wash, vitamins, Christmas decorations, clipboards, coins, and a piano. I felt like I was in a show that my parents talk about, "Hoarders: Buried Alive."

Dad bought this house, a total wreck, for $20,000 at auction. He cleaned it up, rebuilt a lot of it and rented it out for fifteen years for $350-390 per month. Now he wants to sell it. He might wait a year and try to re-coop the money he is spending to put on a new roof and fix up the floor.


ELP said...

That is a really cute house and that is some cheap rent. Too bad it ain't in Colorado.

ELP said...

y'know, I would live in Alabama if I could wear dresses from the civil war era the whole time and no one judged me for doing it.