Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mailbox and Eating

Walking home from the store, I saw mailboxes and realized oops... I had forgotten that when one house sits, one is suppose to take in the mail. Made me laugh that four years abroad made me forget the luxury of having mail delivered to your house.

I am a good eater. I can eat and eat and eat. I have a bottomless tummy. Chinese banquets, do I ever feel full? Not really. I can always finish the last course, a bowl of noodles. But in America, wow... The portions are huge and the food is heavy! I can eat and eat and eat, but I feel painfully full. I am learning that it is easier to just take home half the plate, and eat it for dinner. Also, I feel like I am eating unhealthy. I am lazy. I don't really cook for myself. For five years in Seattle, I ate lunch on the Ave and dinner on Broadway. In China, I eat out almost every day, but I eat a lot of vegetables that feel like salads. The eggplant, green peppers, celery, leafy greens, tofu, cucumbers, and potatoes aren't raw, but they are still crisply crunchy after cooking.

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