Sunday, June 03, 2012

Countdown to Goodbye: Haiku 1

Haiku 1

Rain postpones long jog
Racial safety, cultural maintenance
Brewing in cafes

Today I read an article by Lynet Uttal called "Racial Safety and Cultural Maintenance, The Child Care Concerns of Employed Mothers of Color."  There were two main ideas addressed.  The first idea was about how mothers seek out child care providers who consciously develop a multicultural curriculum that would aid in keeping their children safe from racism.  The second idea was a concern of how to retain and/or retrieve traditional cultural practices and values.

I wonder if maybe one of the reasons why it is easy for me to remain in China year after year is because there is comfort in being around racially similar people even though we are culturally different?  Maybe there is a sense of racial safety here.  Maybe there is a sense of cultural maintenance too where by living in China satisfies some subconscious desire to retrieve traditional cultural practices that are dictated by my physical features?

Or maybe, I just like the lifestyle of being able to walk and bike everywhere and live on $250/month, rejecting consumerism.

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