Saturday, June 09, 2012

Countdown to Goodbye: Haiku 7

Loved the 1 hour run
And whole day biking in sun
but two goodbye meals?

Today was an awesome day browning in the sun biking from 8 to 8 around the city stopping for gifts for and meals with friends, but little things seem to keep falling apart.  First it was my flat's electrical sockets, then it was my school loaned computer, and now it is my bike.  The back wheel is stuck tight and will not turn.  It was a long walk back home when my bike broke down.  I also feel my personality, heart, or mood is somehow breaking down too.  Not exactly sure how to explain what's going on.

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M said...

Hey. Sorry i m all selfish having my integration crisis and I didn´t even asked you how you were. I promise next time we chat I´ll do the active listening and stop being a whining bitch.
Keep it together J., you´re a fantastique (American accent speaking French) human being and next time we see each other it´ll be fun to see how much we´ve grown with our different experiences. Big Hugs.