Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Night Before Goodbye: Haiku 11

all day at office
subway, bus, and paperwork
banquet with college

Today I went back and forth from home to the PC office twice, each leg of the trip from 30-60 minutes.  I didn't bring my bike helmet coz I had thought that if the bike helmet was raggedy we didn't have to return it to the office.  Unfortunately I was wrong, so I had to return home, grab the helmet and go back to the office. 

Dinner was a delicious feast of expensive Sichuan dishes, lots of fatty pork then ice cream and coffee at Ikea to say goodbye to my host sister, counterpart, and sitemate.

Today I've been in a sour mood, trying to protect my heart from feeling which resulted in a stoic, blank gal who had a distracted aura about her unable to concentrate on the people surrounding her trying to keep her company one last time. 

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