Saturday, June 18, 2011

Chinese Red Shirt

A month ago I had this red shirt tailor made (150 RMB which included the fabric).  My co-workers commented that it looks like a shirt for teenagers since it has no sleeves.  I was like oh...  I guess I need to find something to cover my shoulders when I wear it to school.
There is less pressure saying goodbye to my city since I am moving to Chengdu and am not actually saying goodbye to China.  These are not my last meals or my last few moments experiencing Chinese culture.  I still have a year to eat Chinese food, to have more clothes made, and to go on more bike rides.
Yesterday I gave away my colorings.  Visitors to the Tree House went through the 100 pastel pieces and I signed them along with little notes.  It was fun seeing which art pieces the students choose.  One student asked, "Why did you color so many?"  I said, "It is my hobby."
Also, my gmail account is down.  Send email to my yahoo account.  Thanks.

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