Sunday, June 26, 2011


I spent the morning doing laundry and knitting a sock while watching old movies like The Quiller Memorandum.  Then I went out to buy a present for a woman who has a painful time during her period.  It was a period survival kit.  In China, there are interesting rules that surround one's period like no showers, no cold water, no eating cold things.  Suggested by the students, we bought a hot water bottle that uses electricity to heat it, special red sugar that is suppose to replenish one's nutrients, medicine stickers that you place on your belly, and pads.  We wanted to buy chocolate but students said, "Women don't eat chocolate when they are on their periods."  I thought, "What a pity."
Then I showed my sitemate a barber shop that another foreign woman used to frequent.  It is a bit scary getting one's hair cut and styled in China if your hair isn't black and thick.  The hairstyles are just very different in China than in America.  We also tried a new ice cream shop that opened near East Lake Park and painted our fingernails as we waited for french fries and an ice cream platter made to look like a garden.
In the afternoon I watched, The French Connection, which I thought was kind of boring.
In the evening I ventured out into the cold rain to go shopping for dinner.  I cooked a delicious cream of leek, potato, and chicken soup.  I sometimes forget how good western food is.
It was a real pleasant Sunday.  Some days I just need a full day away from students. 
Tomorrow there are rumors that because it rained today there will be no class in the morning.  Instead of having a goodbye picnic with my morning sophomore students, they will have to re-do the Tai Ji performance to be recorded for TV.

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