Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Goodbye hike: Picture 1

As a person who loves the outdoors, for the past three years, I have explored the countryside and the valleys.  My city is on a very large plateau and if you want to get to the edge of it to hike you have to ride a bike for an hour or so.  This is why I have never hiked the hills with my students nor started a hiking club because very few of the students have bikes.
The old campus though moved to the new campus which is in the countryside, so several weeks ago, we went on a goodbye hike.  About 30 students met at the Tree House and walked on the flat pavement that cuts its way through farmland, wheat growing everywhere.  It took us an hour to finally reach an edge of the plateau.  It was good to be out under the sunshine and cool breeze.  The students were excited to be doing something different.

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