Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Unpredictable China 2

I tried to predict China to control my future, to make a schedule, but China gently slapped me on the wrist and said, "You can't do that."
If you want to know what is going on, you have to ask students a lot of questions to discover any rumors that anyone might have heard.  You have to visit the office and teacher lounge to make small talk with office workers and teachers.  You have to observe how China works because even though it is unpredictable there is a predictability about the unpredictable or I thought there was.
The English department has been practicing a fan Tai Qi performance for months now and performed it for the sports meet last month.  Before the performance, one day of class was canceled for the dress rehearsal.  They have a second performance this weekend.
Because I knew about the unpredictability of China, I canceled my 10 minute oral interview final exams.  I had no idea when the students would or would not have class.  If they missed a day I would have 360 minutes/6 hours/20-30 students to reschedule which would be a nightmare!  I changed the final to be a 2 minute performance where each class could be done in two hours.
I assumed that because last time, class was canceled the day before the final performance, that would be how it would work this time.  The performance is on Sunday, so I assumed that Friday classes would be canceled.  I moved the two Friday finals to earlier in the week.  I thought, "Yeah!  I  predicted unpredictable China."
Nope!  I was wrong.  This time 4 days of classes have been canceled.  Because only two classes have been able to take their finals, I now have to make-up 3 finals.  This past Monday we had class.  All other days?  No class.
China gently reminded me that humans have no control.  It is fate's playground.

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M said...

China isn't actually very "gentle" in reminding us stuff hahahaha...
I take it more as a "in your face you silly, you thought you could get organized? hell no!"