Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Thursday

Usually I ride my bike to school, but today I took the 7:20 am school bus because I had three large bags of clothes that a student was going to help me find someone to donate them to.  Unlike America, in China, people do not like used clothes, so it is a delicate matter on how to get rid of good clothes without throwing them away in the rubbish bin.
Today, surprisingly there wasn't any Tai Qi practice, so at 8 am I listened to 26 freshmen finals, two minute advertising presentations for face cream, bags, bracelets, basketballs, and more. 
At 10 am, I had a picnic with my sophomore writing class, a class I have been with for four terms.  It was sad and I mistakenly taught a sad song during the picnic.  Last semester my juniors loved this song, but umm... teaching it during a goodbye picnic wasn't so smart.  The song was "Love is Blue," with the lyrics, "Blue blue, my world is blue.  Blue is my world now I'm without you.  Gray gray, my life is gray.  Cold is my heart since you went away."  The picnic was like Halloween where everyone was taking pictures and exchanging snacks filling their goody bags with crackers, marshmallows, cookies, chips, tofu, sunflower seeds, candy, and chewing gum.  I bought a watermelon for $3 to feed 30 students.
At 11:45 am, I took my used clothes to a dorm mother who would take my clothes and redistribute them to people who might want them.
At noon, we had a women's club lunch where the student led topic was "Fears plus Mental and Physical Safety."
Then I knit for a while before Tree House opened.  Tree House workers mopped and dusted since the Tree House's closing date is tomorrow.  A bunch of new students came to check out books for the summer.  Students who participated in the photo workshop brought their self-portraits and texts to put into the Tree House yearbook.
The theme of the day was "I don't know."
Do you know when the writing final will be?
I don't know.
Well I hope we learn about it soon coz the students need to know so they can start seriously studying.  Their final is tough.
So when can we have the women's club cooking party?
We don't know. 
Well what is your schedule like next week?
We don't know.  No one has told us yet.
Is the red songs singing performance tomorrow?
I don't know.  I will text you when the leaders tell me.
Will we have the Tree House meeting tomorrow?
I don't know.  Do you have Tai Qi dress rehearsal?
I think so.
I don't know.  I will text you when the leaders tell me.
At 6:30 pm, I had a fish dinner with two graduating seniors and their family members who had come to help move them back home.

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M said...

love the i don't know poem. SO so so so true. Staight to the point when it comes to chinese culture, simple, and nice rythm to it !