Friday, June 10, 2011

Photo of Tree House

Here I am in the Tree House before its hours of operation helping a chemistry teacher with a rejected paper that needed major revisions both in English and scientifically.  It has been ages since I have read a GC-MS paper along with anti-microbial properties of an oil extracted from a medicinal plant.  I was not very happy doing this especially since the English was quite poor!  After somewhat fixing the English often having problems deciphering between long forgotten scientific jargon and badly translated Chinese into English, I then had to explain what the editors asked her to improve scientifically.  For each thing, she had an excuse why she couldn't do it, so... what could I do?  I just said, "Well if you don't address the editors' comments, I doubt it will be published even though you have interesting data that is extremely different from other studies."
So what do you think of the Tree House?  Do you think it is a western style or a Chinese style?  All of the leaders were quite critical of us painting the shelves black, but I trusted my sitemate.  I personally think it looks terrific with black shelves!
If I am going to be in the Tree House during its opening hours of 4:30-6:30, I tend to teach in the morning and then stay at school the rest of the day.  I've been lazy and don't want to bike back and forth from old campus to new campus four times a day preferring only two times a day. I eat lunch in the cafeteria, take a nap on the couch, read books, then participate in free talk with visitors to the Tree House.  Is it healthy for me?  Hmmm... I tend to snack a lot on new campus.  They have ice cream and chocolate easily available.  Plus when I am feeling drained and tired, I am drinking too much cola.  I hate cola, but for some reason I am allowing new campus to drive me to drink it.

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