Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Saturday

Today was a lazy Saturday.  I went for a 40 minute neck and upper back $4 massage, then picked up my newly tailored made dark blue with white flowers sundress, got a $3 haircut, tried a new noodle restaurant, and watched Avatar for the first time.  I liked the first half with the exploration of a world and a new culture.  I thought the second half was pretty boring, a stereotypical Hollywood battle.  I am though interested in going to our local 3D theater of 20 seats and seeing if they will show it.
In the afternoon I went to the red sports meet rehearsal since it was free to all spectators.  Tomorrow people will have to have an expensive ticket.  It was boring so I left early.  Early meaning I stayed for 2.5 hours but only got to see like the first 15 minutes of the performances before deciding it was too boring.  The rehearsal did not start on time nor was it very organized, so there was a lot of waiting.  Why was it boring?  There was a 100 person choir that was singing but all we could hear was the tape of recorded singers.  While they were singing, students arranged themselves into different formations like the map of China or human statues documenting the triumph of Chinese soldiers.  Then they started doing a dance that reminded me of the types of Chinese dances seen in the movie Mao's Last Dancer.
Then I stopped at a coffee shop and had three scoops of ice cream before heading to a hot pot restaurant.  My sitemate and I spent three hours eating and chatting with two English teachers.
Now it is bedtime.

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