Saturday, July 03, 2010

American Meal in China

What would you cook if you were preparing an American meal for your Chinese friends?

I have no clue. I feel like Americans eat meat, bread, cheese, mashed potatoes, salads and steamed veggies. I prefer stir fried Chinese dishes to steamed veggies. With no cheese, I feel anything I cook will be more Chinese than American.

I've been invited to several meals cooked by Chinese people. They prepared at least eight courses. If I was in America, I might prepare a lasagna, bread, and a salad. I feel that my Chinese friends will feel that my table is impolitely empty with the salad and peanut sauce over rice that I am cooking.

In Africa, the western dishes I cooked were no bake oatmeal cookies, pancakes, mashed tubers and spaghetti.

In China, there are a lot more ingredients in the supermarket, yet I still feel lost about what to cook. If I was in America, we would just have a Fourth of July BBQ. Bring on the chunks of meat and grilled veggies.


M said...

You can make pasta alfredo but they might not like it... (and I swear it's easy even I can make it)
Or a chocolate cake if you can find chocolate in your town? I have a recipe with no butter. Chocolate, flour, sugar, eggs, that's about it.
and the Burgers J made were good ! eventhough it wasn't beef but pork, it was a hit.
Good luck cooking!

Dr. Jen said...

I totally agree. Pasta alfredo would be super delicious. I think I will make that for myself one day.

I do not have an oven which is why baked goods are not in my repitoire in China. This is kind of good for my waist line. I like sweets, especially chocolate chip cookies.

Burgers.... good idea.. wish I had thought of that yesterday before I bought the ingredients for the peanut sauce.