Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Useful Sidewalks

Ever wake up one morning, feel super lazy and don't want to do anything? But then you realize that there isn't anything actually to do today and the length of a day of nothing overwhelms you? So finally you are like, "Fine. I'll go on the bike ride even though I don't really want to"?

Now that the students are studying and taking finals, there isn't much work responsibility these days. Secondary projects are finished. The Tree House is closed. No one has time to teach me Chinese. Instead I am left with a TON of free time that I tend to spend alone because everyone else is too busy and will soon be going home. I really like free time, but sometimes it drags. Then I become even more lazy. Plus sitting in silence all day, having conversations in one's head, and living in virtual worlds of books, movies, and TV shows makes one feel like they are going a bit crazy.

For an education volunteer, I think summers at site during the break can be some of the most isolating, alone dragged out moments that can feel like forever in a PCV's two years.


M said...

Your site definitively looks like Zhangye, at least the roads and bike lanes and all.
To fill in silence, I personally have loud music partays all by myself. Maybe it's not very sane either but it works :D

Lisa R-R said...

Do you subscribe to any podcasts?
I listen to a lot of radio from the BBC etc when I am alone.
I don't always feel like reading, and then I can knit while I listen.
Amazing that it is harvest time already in your region!

Dr. Jen said...

I do listen to a few podcasts. I lke Feast of Fun.


I used to like Cast on, but haven't listened in a long time.


Listening to BBC would be fun too. I like watching the TV show "Doctor Who."

Which podcasts do you like?

Dr. Jen said...

Doesn't Zhangye have sand dunes nearby?