Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Harvest Time

Today is grading day, 136 freshmen listening final exams. I am lucky. Other teachers have anywhere from 200-300 exams that they have to grade or 130 exams for the writing course. I am SUPER lucky with my five part exam.

Next semester I will be lucky too. I will only have to grade sophomore listening exams. I will be teaching two non-graded classes: English Songs and English Short Stories.


Anonymous said...

Do you have a sense of accomplishment from your time in the Peace Corps?

Dr. Jen said...

For sure. Just click on the labels secondary projects and teaching. I feel a great sense of work accomplishment and well as personal growth type of accomplishments.

Dr. Jen said...

Although, I think my sense of accomplishment has changed from USA standards of accomplishments. So what I may think of as great great success, people from the USA might think woah, she hasn't done anything. There are different standards across the world.