Monday, July 12, 2010

Going Away Party

Last night we had a going away party for Caitlin with our best friends in China. These friends are the non-English teachers we go on hikes with, go on bike rides with, travel Henan with, play Mahjong with, and cook with. Pictures of them doing yoga at the Yellow River even made it into the China Peace Corps brochure. It was a crazy party!

First there was a wasabi eating contest which resulted in some pretty funny faces. Then when the cake was brought out, everyone got whipped cream smeared all over their faces. Then they wanted to play spin the spoon to see who would get cake thrown at them. Being the good Peace Corps volunteers we are who want to share American culture, we described the kissing game, spin the bottle. Maybe we should have held our tongues coz the next thing we knew, we spent thirty minutes acting like middle school kids who have never kissed anyone and who are super embarrassed and too shy to kiss anyone. We were laughing with tears streaming down are faces with the nervous energy of teenagers. Thirty year olds refusing to be kissed, to kiss, or eagerly saying, "No problem," running over puckering lips to plant a wet one on my sitemate's cheek to only meet a back.

The night ended with the pointing game, where the group counts, "One, two three," then point at the person who will get smeared with cake. No one wanted to play the game except for our group's funny man. Guess who got attacked with cake.


M said...

So the group's funny man is the man in a red polo right? If so it's funny because he looks dead serious on the group shot!
Hum, also the heart shaped cake with "friends" on it is so very cute Chinese :)
looks like you guys had a real fun time!

Dr. Jen said...

Yep the guy in red is funny. Everyone is funny really, but he is SUPER silly.

Yeah I am becoming more and more Chinese. I asked C if she wanted to help pick out the cake. She said, "Nah. I trust your taste." I was going to just get a cake covered in chocolate but then thought fruit sounded delicious. The cake ended up having tomatoes on top because strawberries were out of season. Good thing C likes tomatoes on cake. She even likes tomatoes on a stick covered with hardened caramelized sugar.