Thursday, July 22, 2010

Big Smiles

Today and tomorrow then we are off to the USA by way of Chengdu. Every night is a goodbye dinner. See what kind of fun we will all miss when she the sitemate leaves, leaves forever?

But actually for me a goodbye in Chengdu, doesn't mean I will never see her again. I'm planning on meeting the parents in Ft. Collins and then going backpacking in Crested Butte.


Lisa R-R said...

Enjoy your trip to the US!
I look forward to hearing how you find North America these days.
(Don't try to convert prices into RMB ...)

Dr. Jen said...

I am afraid that in the USA I am going to overspend because 20 USD isn't 20 RMB but it will feel like 20 RMB.