Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sweet Home Alabama

Our Backyard: All of the bird houses were built by my dad

Life in America is busy. There is always something happening. Someone to talk to. Someone to listen to. Somewhere to go. Time for breakfast. Time for lunch. Time to watch a movie (Despicable Me is a GREAT film. The 3-D version was quite amazing!) Time to sing karaoke on a PlayStation. Time to go for a run. Time to drive somewhere. We spend a lot of time in cars. Time to blend a fruit smoothie. I have barely been able to sit and knit, sit and write, sit and read. If I didn't get carsick while knitting, I could have finished a hat by now. I find it funny that while being surrounded by farmland that I am more busy here than I am in China. It feels like there is a busy schedule of things to do even though the things to do aren't really big things.

Custom Difference: My feet feel naked without house slippers. Walking around barefooted feels so American and now I understand why the foreigners in hostels walk around barefooted. It is our habit. We don't use house shoes.


ieva said...

Wow, many stored apartment house for birds. what an idea!

Dr. Jen said...

Yeah and usually my dad wraps metal around the poles so cats can't climb up and have a meal.