Friday, July 23, 2010


During the next year in China, I plan on learning how to knit, crochet, or macrame, the sandals and slippers in the picture.

Today is the last day at site. It feels weird to be leaving to go back to the states because I have a HUGE backpack. I usually travel with one carry on back pack, but I am pretending it is the end of my service. I have to take everything back home. My house is still full of stuff but it is all stuff that I will leave behind, clothes that are worn out, pastels, art supplies, CDs, speakers, and more...

I am packing my knitting case and preparing knitting projects. I am almost finished with one sweater, have prepared the supplies and notes for a second sweater and a small hat project. It is always confusing which needles are essential. Also are blunt tapestry needles even allowed in the carry on?

This week has been a good running week, five days of jogging a time pyramid 40 minutes, 50 minutes, 60 minutes and back down again. Today it was raining. Perfect weather except I hate the puddles. Even running on the sidewalk is annoying. The sidewalks are tiled so if you hit one that isn't fixed, mud and water splash into your shoe. Ugh... I had to do some major leaping over rivers that ran across roads. Felt like I was in a video game.

While running, a computer game idea popped into my head. Peace Corps Volunteer adventure game where the player has to overcome all the trials and tribulations of living in different countries while trying to get work done. For example, in Africa the player would have to find the right balance of eating, getting sick, and losing or gaining too much weight. They'd have to figure out how to implement a project and meet the right people so the project would be successful. They'd have to learn some words in a new language. They'd get points for bargaining and getting a good price. In China, the player would have to navigate crossing the street, or going on a bike ride without being hit or hitting anything.


ieva said...

Wow, I also would like to learn making slippers!

M said...

You got a concept here!! Could even be a board game or something.
in China you could win points for guanxi or loose some for frustration. You could also gain points when someone tells you something that breaks the American stereotypes.

This is a freakin awesome idea actually!!!