Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pink Building

This is the corner where workers gather to wait and be hired. This downtown pink building is a stinky one. Can you guess why?

What can I write about? Not much happened yesterday.

With the rest of the grant money, I bought yarn and got 3.5 kg of yarn for about $25.

I bought some fabric to fix my Togo African print melange bag and hopefully communicated to the tailor that I wanted a new bag with the African prints transferred to the new one.

We had dinner with our counterparts eating the same food we ate the very first time we visited our site. It is amazing how our taste buds have changed and how our stomachs have gotten bigger compared to that first meal. The first meal was a bowl of battered fish in a soup of spiciness and a tofu sour spicy soup. Our counterparts remarked, "You didn't eat much during that first meal." This time there was nothing left.

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