Thursday, September 09, 2010

Bikes and Hair

Yesterday, I walked two hours looking for a guitar store that I thought I knew where the location was.  Apparently I had forgotten where I had seen the guitar store and could not buy the pitch instrument I need for my English Songs class.  After the long walk, I sat with the welcoming English majors, who have set up a booth to meet the new incoming Freshmen.  There are also cell phone booths where for 400 RMB ($60), you can get cell minutes, a cell phone, and a bike!

The other day the dean of the English department commented, "You have a boy's haircut!"
I replied, "Yeah it's cool."

I wonder what the tone was behind the comment or if there was any implied meaning.  Was he just making an innocent observation?  Was he making a critical observation?  Was he making a judgment that I shouldn't have a boy's haircut but should be more feminine?  Was he implying that I represent the school and should look more professional?

Many people have been commenting on my hairstyle.  My teacher friends say "Umm.. wow your hairstyle is cool."  The students say, "You're handsome."  Others say, "You look like a pop star."

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