Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pest Problem

Last night I learned that there is a local holiday for the Gansu wide sports meet on Thursday and Friday, so no class.  This means that I don't have to lesson plan for my English Songs class; therefore, I was able to stay up late and finish the first half of the rat.  The next step is to create organs for my little friend.

I've been having trouble sleeping, feeling exhausted by 8 pm, falling asleep then waking up at midnight, 3 am, 4 am, then finally getting out of bed at 5:30 am.  So I decided to try to stay up as late as possible last night.  I lasted till 1 am.  Looking out my kitchen window I saw that I wasn't the only one awake.  Several women were getting their hair done at the barber shop.

The English department has been left out of the Gansu sports meet because we have too many girls.  We have been the only teachers and students in the classrooms this week; however, the leaders of the school recently decided to ask the English students to do a flag ceremony tomorrow morning at 6 am.  Lucky us.

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