Sunday, September 26, 2010

Chinese Burrito

After a morning of lesson planning, for brunch I had black bean, peanut, and rice porridge along with this greasy, spicy yumminess

I got a care package full of books and sat and read for a couple of hours.  I started reading Asian Americans by Joann Faung Jean Lee.  It is a book of profiles and interviews.  Reading about other Asian American experiences made me realize that the reason I have so many identity questions isn't a result of being adopted but is because I am Asian (Chinese) in America.  I am not the only one who asks these identity and culture questions about how and where do I belong, but many other Asian Americans wonder about it too.

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universalibrarian said...

That looks delicious. What is in it? I get a Ruen Bing here that is a chinese burrito that people eat at tomb sweeping day. It has egg, dry turnip?, beansprouts, red pork, tofu, cabbage, sugar, peanut powder, hmmm. very thing bing pancake. yum Yours looks delicious. What do they call it?