Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Do you know anyone in China who has an electric clothes dryer?  I haven't met anyone yet. 


1.  Sewing a knitted dead rat together is like being a surgeon and an artist.  Often whenever I finish an oil pastel coloring, I instantly think ugh...  But later when I come back to the picture, it looks better.  It is the same with the rat.  Everything has been assembled except for one leg and the inside organs.  At first I thought it looked lopsided, weird, and strange, but now after putting it aside for a while, it looks a lot better.  The pink tail definitely makes it look more realistic.

2.  In my sophomore listening class we are studying current events and placing news item tidbits on a world map.  When I first handed out the unlabeled maps, I was surprised that several students tried to find Pakistan on their maps with the orientation upside down from the way I am used to looking at maps.

3.  There is a new delicious Muslim restaurant in the back gate.  They serve a Chinese dish poured over freshly made noodles.

4.  All of the departments except for the English department have canceled classes for a week because of a Gansu wide sports meeting that is being held in a newly built stadium.  According to some students, the other departments have more boys which is why they are participating in the opening ceremony, but because the English department has a student majority of women, we aren't participating and therefore have to attend class.

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M said...

Do you know that in Paris almost noone has an electric dryer ?
told you, ha, these French and these Chinese, they're all alike (kind of :) )!