Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mini Olympics

We were given free tickets to tonight's rehearsal performance of the opening ceremony of the Gansu Province Sports Meet.  The ceremony was modeled after an Olympics opening ceremony except there weren't many athletes in attendance.  I hope they arrive tomorrow otherwise it seems like an incredible waste of money and time to build a new stadium and to spend the summer rehearsing.  The mass number of performers, probably over 5,000 people, were all students from my city.

Wednesday I spent the day trying on jackets.  Women's coats, the XXXL size, are too small in the shoulders and arms.  I would not be able to wear many layers underneath except maybe one long sleeve shirt.  Men's coats fit well and look great; however, after the dean of my department commenting twice on my boy's haircut and how it makes me look like a boy, I am not sure it would be wise to even look more male by wearing a man's coat.  So then I tried on grandmother's coats, and they fit fine with plenty of room for lots of layers.  I think I will buy a cheap grandmother's coat at 130 RMB compared to the more expensive men's coats 160-300 RMB.    

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