Saturday, September 25, 2010

Corn Cake

How does one translate names of Chinese dishes into English?  You don't?  This is a corn cake topped with sprinkles.  I personally did not like it very much, too oily and flaky.

Today was a quiet Saturday.

I spent the morning lesson planning, washing two loads of laundry, mopping the floor with the laundry rinse water, packing for a trip to Gannan, knitting a glove, and eating chicken noodle soup.  

Then my sitemate, a visiting friend of hers, and I rode a bus to the South lake full of dead fish and ate at a restaurant that claims to cook countryside food.

I had a Chinese lesson, ate ice cream and then felt the sole of my shoe flop off.  I have worn these shoes for over six years and China is the perfect place for them to fall apart.  I walked to the back gate, sat down, and a guy glued everything back together and put on new heels all for $1.

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Lisa R-R said...

umm is it a large corn fritter?
The sprinkles really do not add much to that dish in my humble opinion. I had really hoped for something more interesting when I tried it.

When a seam on my pants hem wore out, I was also thrilled to have it repaired for just a few cents.