Friday, September 17, 2010

Grandmother's Jacket

Here it is the jacket I bought yesterday.  Do I look like a Chinese grandmother?  I like the jacket because of the buttons and the high collar.  I decided to buy this jacket rather than the male jackets because it would hopefully be easy to give away to a student.  Plus it was the cheapest warm jacket I could find at 120 RMB ($17).

I had a conversation with my favorite yarn shop's boss lady and asked her if she could teach me how to crochet the sturdy house slippers that everyone wears here.  You have to first buy a plastic thick rubber like sole to attach the yarn to.  Unfortunately she doesn't know how to crochet, and said I should go next door where the lady will teach me for free.  Hmm... The next door lady isn't as nice to me as this lady though, but if I want to learn a new craft I don't have to like my teacher right?  Right...  Maybe we will grow to like each other through the experience.

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universalibrarian said...

Good luck with the slippers. They look neat and it would be fun to learn. Worth a try to visit the neighbor. Sometimes teaching and learning is a good way to get to know someone who otherwise isn't very comfortable opening up to strange people. don't know. Jacket looks very warm and nice. pretty stilish too. If you were in new york or something I don't think that you would look like a grandmother. We get that with our drapes. We really liked the red peony fabric that is considered a national mark in Taiwan so Karen used it to make our drapes and napkins but our Taiwanese friends say our house looks like their grandmothers. Funny.
Have a good day,