Monday, September 20, 2010

Chinese Muffin

Photoblog theme for a few days:  Food eaten in China

I am not exactly sure where this muffin is baked.  I rarely see ovens.  It is not a soft, doughy type of bread like Southern yeast rolls, nor is it muffin like.  It is kind of crispy and dry somehow.  Reminds me of crackers or maybe a type of flat bread.  It crumbles quite easily.  There will be no cutting this bread into slices.

Today has been hmm...  just one of those days.  Teaching was tough.  Sometimes lesson plans just don't work.  Chinese corner was tough.  Other than shopping and ordering food I haven't had to really communicate in Chinese for a while, so my head was slow with the language.  This week though I have scheduled Chinese tutor interviews.  It is time to get back to improving my language skills.  After 6 hours of teaching and Chinese corner, I crashed and took a nap.  I wonder if I am getting sick.  Then the Tree House was full of students, a good time, something nice for such a tough day.

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