Monday, September 06, 2010

Picture of Chengdu

All is well in China. 
Classes went well even though I really dislike teaching large classes with 60-70 students.  In such big classes, I feel disconnected from the students and feel like I have to become a two hour lecturer, rather than a facilitator.  Any suggestions on how to become more connected and how to implement student centered activities with such a packed class?  For one of my classes, I am requiring them to come to the Tree House once during the semester to do an interview and have me check their homework.  This is one way I hope to connect with the students on more of a one on one basis.
Tree House opened and one student came to visit checking out books and asking questions about how to study and improve her English.  She signed up for Chinese Corner and Knitting/Cooking Club where she wants to knit a sweater.  She also wants to do an interview to see if she could become my Chinese tutor.  The interview consists of writing up a 30 minute lesson plan and teaching it to me.

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