Thursday, September 02, 2010

Crested Butte

Crested Butte was wow... magnificent.  I had a blast camping out in the Aspen forests of a thirteen mile hike seeing wild flowers, a dead headless bear, sheep and their herders, and deer.<br> 
My computer and Internet have been having problems as well as my gut.  My stomach problems remind of the first time I ate Chinese food in Conakry, Guinea after eating rice and fish head sauce for a month.  I think my stomach needs a small amount of time to adjust to the amount of oil, MSG, and salt that is used.<br>  
Here is an attempt at posting a blog through email.<br>
PS.  If you have a spare minute, let me know if this post with the picture works and if the layout looks all right or if it looks funny.


M said...

It works fine! except for the -br- once in a while, not sure that was on purpose?
Get better soon.

Lisa R-R said...

post looks fine!
hope your stomach improves soon
Lisa in Toronto