Monday, May 24, 2010

Knitting Projects

My parents bought me a camera and my recent visitors, my cousin and his fiancee brought the camera with them. It is great! Thank you mom and dad. Thank you aunt, cousin, and cousin to be. I've been away for like 10 years and it doesn't matter. Family still helps you out. It is completely fantastic that even through time and distance family sticks with you.

Now I can take pictures of all the clubs and activities I'm involved in. Plus I can show-off my knitting projects. (All links go to the knitting pattern.)

Raglan Cardigan and Caplet

It took me 2 months of knitting! Using size 2 needles makes for slow progress, but almost every single Chinese woman I see knitting has a project on US size 0-2 needles. When in China do as the Chinese.

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