Saturday, May 08, 2010

More Tailor Adventures

After the frustrating results from one tailor, I decided to try another tailor, one recommended by a foreign teacher who has been living in my town longer than I have.

I rode the escalators to the third floor of the downtown shopping mall and arrived at a little corner shop full of fabric with several customers waiting and gossiping. I found a soft feeling green bolt with etched curvy designs reminiscent of African basin and asked the saleswoman if it could be made into a skirt.

I requested that it be made long, down to my ankles, one that fits on my hips, not near my bellybutton. Next I twirled to indicate that I wanted the skirt not to be tight fitting but twirly. Price? 90 RMB for the fabric which I felt was pricey, but I don't really know anything about fabric. 25 RMB for the labor. Seemed reasonable? I paid the deposit and left.

Today I tried on my new skirt et voila, amazing fit, hangs well off the hips, amazing twirling action, and exactly the length I wanted.


Also, I have figured out a way to fix the two skirts that the other tailor had sewn too small. I think I might ask the new tailor to fix them for me.


William said...

it's really neat that you can go to a tailor and ask for custom-made clothes.

when you come back to the US, it's not impossible, but remember that most of the time (or practically ALL the time), you'll be buying pre-fabricated stuff.

being able to visit the tailor seems like a surreal, old-world charm to me.

Dr. Jen said...

What would you have tailor made?

William said...

nothing, haha. it's just that, here in the US, you don't hear about people going to the tailor very often. seems otherworldly to me. but really cool.