Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I just finished watching director, Jason Reitman's movie Up in the Air about a rootless man who lives most of his life flying from city to city firing people.

I felt a connection to the rootless traveler.  I too have lived a life where I am in constant motion, moving from city to city.  I just stay a bit longer than the movie character does.  Yet we still have the same results- lack of community, lack of home, lack of friends and a sense of distance with family.

Every one's final destination is the same.  Is the journey more enjoyable if we find and be with a co-pilot to make the journey less lonely?

I am without a co-pilot. 
Am I lonely?

The rootless traveler didn't know he was lonely until he met someone.  Am I lonely and don't know it because I am living this day to day habit where I am lying to myself about how happy I am?  The character in the movie seemed to be.

I really think I am happy, alone, without a house, with very few possessions, traveling from city to city, making new friends here and there, losing friends as I move away, and starting all over again each time I move.  I am experiencing life by wandering.

I am alone.
I am happy.

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