Friday, May 28, 2010

Why do I write so personally?

When trying to understand myself, I usually think about nature versus nurture. After having a few conversations with my cousins, I have added a new factor to what influences personality and values- outside environmental factors like going to a historically black college and university, living in Seattle, living abroad. For some reason, I hadn't ever really considered how important outside environmental factors are. I always assumed family and one's genetics were the strongest influences especially as a child. I also wrongly assumed that our personalities are strongly formed while we are living with our parents. I think for me, who I was as a teenager was strongly influenced by family. Today who I am as an adult is strongly influenced from outside environmental factors.

Maybe you are wondering, why do I write such personal things on my blog?

1. introspection
2. analyze myself
3. correct the image people have of me

Why so publicly and not in private conversations and emails with people?

1. I don't have a therapist who is paid to listen to me
2. I am not strong at expressing myself with my voice. I tend to talk in two sentence stories and turn the conversations back towards the other person by asking questions.
3. Very few friends are interested in emailing. I have found a new email friend which is fantastic! It is rare to find such friends who communicate through long emails.
4. Because I live abroad, I tend not to be able to talk about everything that is running through my head with host country national friends who make up the majority of my friends.

Why not just journal about the things running through your head?

1. I do journal but it doesn't feel the same as knowing that other people are reading my questioning thoughts.
2. I feel by making my thoughts public, I am less alone. Maybe others also relate to what I write or have some insight about the topic.

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