Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lifetime alone?

In a recent email to a friend, I wrote, "You sound SUPER DUPER passionate about science, NMR, and research. I am passionate about stuff that I have always been passionate about like drawing, knitting, exploring a new culture, human behavior. None of that though will direct my future after I finish with Peace Corps. What am I going to do?"

His reply was "Today I will provide the secret answer to all your troubles! For free! It's simple: just don't ever go back to the US! Hehe! So what do you think?"

Wow. What do I think? I haven't ever really considered living most of life abroad. Staying in Peace Corps for four and soon to be five years has just been an easy way to continue the lifestyle that I am passionate about. Once Peace Corps is finished though, it will be time to make another life decision.

Is it hard to find work in Europe?

A friend is applying for a UN job in Afghanistan.
Should I try to go to the middle east?

Try another Asian country?

Do I really want to stay abroad for a lifetime?

There are definitely big parts of my identity that have been suppressed for the past 4 years living in traditional cultures. Maybe it is time to return to the states where I can live free rather than repressed.

One argument against living abroad for a lifetime is the difficulty of finding a person to have a relationship with. It is much easier to find a partner in America in the bigger cities that are more open to a diverse group of people who don't fit into traditional boxes.

So another question to think about in the debate about living a lifetime abroad is am I willing to live alone for a lifetime?

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