Thursday, May 06, 2010

Who am I?

Do I have a strong personality?
I feel like I am a silent person
who never says anything,
but then maybe I am not self-aware,
unaware of what is coming out of my mouth,
unaware of people's reactions around me.
I do know that I tend to ask a lot of questions,
questions I think are interesting,
but maybe the questions are
too personal and shocking.
Sometimes strong personalities are those
who don't know when to be quiet
because they are oblivious,
unable to read social cues.

Do I have an emotional personality?
I feel, but I feel softly.

After watching the movie Me and You and Everyone We Know I felt a great sadness while watching the lonely characters wanting to be loved and connected but somehow closed to each other.

Then the next day....

As I was sitting in a speed boat with an empty gas tank, looking up at the red cliffs, I felt the silence of self-reflection: am I closed to love? have i ever loved? been in love? do males and females feel love the same way? how am i not open to love?

1 comment:

William said...

I say continue to ask those questions. Life is too short to hold back.

Knowledge makes life a whole lot more interesting.

Social cues? Be aware but seek satisfaction from knowing.

Propriety? Shatter it to enrich yourself.

Carpe diem.