Friday, May 14, 2010

Tear down the new

My city is being torn down and being rebuilt again.


Was it old, run-down, falling apart?


When I first arrived in my city 1.5 years ago, it felt new, wide roads without potholes, new empty buildings that shined. It felt like a brand new polished city with only a few back alleys and avenues left of the old traditional courtyards and houses with tiled roofs made out of mud built into the walls of the earth.

Yet the city is still being torn down and being rebuilt again.

The roads are being uprooted. The bike lanes have disappeared. The sidewalks have become skinnier. The roads, the lamp posts, the railings of the city avenues are being uprooted and hauled away.

After lunch yesterday, I sat in a bakery on the second floor eating cake in the dark with two red candles lighting the table.

The city is being torn apart.
Electricity is cut.
Water is turned off.

The whole city that was already brand new is being re-constructed anew.


No idea.

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