Monday, May 10, 2010

Venus Blood Sucker Trap

Last night I could not sleep even though it was a cool evening in Chengdu, rainfall cooling off the usually muggy city.  Maybe I had one cappuccino too many or maybe for once in my lifetime I was a night-time plant, waiting for dinner in the dark of night instead of being the usual morning animal who gets up at 5 am.
I tried to lie as still as a dead animal
only my face peeking out of the sheets,
soft skin risking a bite,
to tempt a blood sucker to land,
listening to the high pitched sound
feeling the flutter of tiny wings and thin legs,
a long mouth attaching itself to my fatty cheek,
then whap,
you little fat juicy bugger. 
Then the wait began again,
for the whole night. 
During the first 10 weeks in China during pre-service training, every trainee had a personal interview with a staff member to talk about what type of site they wanted to be placed in.  My only request was no mosquitoes.  Gansu unlike Sichuan is dry.  Thank goodness I am living in a place where mosquitoes are few.


William said...

i always seem to be the mosquito magnet in the group :/

it's good to know that staff members take your preferences into consideration.

what type of sites are there? does the staff let you know/describe the sites for you? or do they just ask questions and place you according to what your answers are?

Dr. Jen said...

Sometimes staff members take preferences into consideration. Sometimes it is impossible to please everyone. Sometimes there isn't a site that matches your preferences.

I find that I have always been happy with whatever site I was given because I set low expectations and will try to find happiness wherever I go.

In China the sites are either HUGE metropolitan cities or large cities or smaller cities that still seem big because Chinese cities are built compact therefore there are always a lot of people in a city.

Staff tries to ask questions and place people according to the answers but like I said above, it is impossible to please everyone. Often people are quite disappointed by their sites.