Friday, June 04, 2010

Breakfast Run

My early morning run was so so.... My black toenails were bleeding and the nail will soon be falling off. How did I get black toes? I went on a 7 hour hike with the wrong socks about a month ago.

Also, I was running a bit heavy. Last night we had a huge banquet with the English department because we got prize money from the school for participating in the choir competition. Still not clear about our ranking. Out of 21 departments, I have heard we either placed 2nd, 5th, or 7th, or in the second tier of groups. No one knows.

Here is a picture of my cafeteria breakfast snack guy. This morning I got a wedge of onion bread, a sweet potato hash brown cake, and a sesame ball filled with red bean paste. This morning he asked me where I was from and was shocked when I said America. I find that whenever I wear a headband bandanna, people stare, comment on it, or realize that maybe I am not from around here. Yesterday an English teacher said, "You look cool like you are from Brazil."

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