Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Impossible Task Planning Anything

Students have been drawing vision maps, researching and learning about Western manners, making lists, rehearsing a role play to teach the do's and don'ts of a dinner party, building and painting pinatas, practicing Western dances, and a whole bunch of other activities for the past month or so. Now it is time to have the big events: a mock American dinner party with a small amount of food to practice Western manners and a nature festival celebrating the outdoors with games and dance.

No one knows when the Dragon Boat Festival holiday will be. Everyone knows the festival is June 16th, but will we have Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday off or will we have Wednesday, Thursday, Friday off? Plus, when will we make up classes by holding them on the weekend?

Next week is a HUGE unknown.
When teaching stops is a HUGE unknown.
When finals are is a HUGE unknown.

With so many unknowns how does anyone plan anything? You just do it, so the students picked dates, next Monday and this Saturday.

One day before the event, I got a text inviting me to be a judge for the English speech competition on Saturday.

SATURDAY? That is when we are suppose to have our nature festival.

What do the students do?

They re-paint the sign and schedule the nature festival for Friday evening, replacing the movie with pinatas full of candy and watermelons being eaten as fast as possible.

I sent a text asking, "When is the Dragon Boat holiday?"
I got a reply, "Don't know yet. Will let you know as soon as I know."

Living in China keeps you on your toes. Be ready to reschedule and don't get mad if you have already cooked a HUGE pot of spaghetti for a dinner party that has been moved to next week.

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